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You might be interested in knowing about me, what I think is important, and my bicycle design philosophy. So I put up a little advertising propaganda for your reading pleasure. I only do custom framesets, so the most important thing for a cyclist to realize is that the rider is the design criteria! The more I know about a cyclist's specific type and style of riding the better the custom design. 95% of us don't need a custom frameset or bicycle, so if you want one, then you should get what you want. I believe in good practical designs and solid working components. I use what I feel will last and be hassle free to keep you on your bicycle and not in the shop. I like technology by don't always believe the lastest is necessarily the greatest. The proof is in the ride. Ride Fun, Ride Hard. BOB #1587

Also, if you're interested, why don't you take a look at some of the snap shots I've put here

to give you a feel for what Concept Technology is all about? I hope you like what

you see and thanks for taking the time to look!

Nameplate Information

Standard Road Bike

Time Trial/Softride Beam Single Design

Softride Beam, S&S BTC, Trapezoidal Tandem Design

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