Frameset Nameplate/Headbadge

Here's a close up view of the nameplate/headbadge that goes on every frameset. You also get a magnet version when you buy a frameset or bicycle :->. It took a long time to get, a lot of frustration, but I'm really happy with how they came out. They are cloisonne artwork with all the colors coming out in jewel tones. Since the colors don't always view correctly, in real life the flame is a dark maroon, the green is a deep emerald jade, and the background is a semi-dark violet/purple.

In case you're wondering, the Chinese character in the center is "Zhang", my Chinese surname. It is my father's calligraphy. I just hope he doesn't start asking me for commissions on all my work.

In China, the dragon is a symbol of both power and wisdom. For generations, parents have always tried to have their children born in the year of the dragon. The dragon is a good symbol for what cycling is to me and what I try to design into my frames.

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