Softride Beam Single Design

Here's a shot of a TT bicycle that I made for the Bucknell University Cycling Team. Ryan Steneken rode it at Easterns in 1997 (held at Army) and the BU cycling team won the Team Time Trial by 25 seconds. I'd like to say it was all in the frameset, but the BU team was really strong. Still, we were really happy with the result. He mounted his own aerobars and only had a day to test ride and make sure he felt comfortable on it and still CHOSE to use it. I may make it with a S&S BTC to make it easier for them to bring an extra bicycle. That way it will fit in a 26" x 26" x 10" suitcase.

Here's a shot of this design with the geometry to give it the handling of a road/touring bicycle. With this design, the frameset only needs 1 S&S BTC to be completely transportable. This machine is Ultegra-STI Shifters, XT Deraileurs, a Ritchey Triple, and 700 cc wheels front and rear. It came with a rear linear-pull brake with a cutout for the noodle-cable routing. The handlebars are higher up for a more comfortable riding position.BR>

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