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I started using ATOC’s tandem topper before I started building bikes. Since then, Charlie, the owner, has continued to improve his product and expand his product line to include the Draftmaster product line of rear hitch racks.  So now you can carry just about any type of bicycle (single, tandem, recumbent) in just about any configuration.

I thought Steve at S & S Machine had a good idea with his Bicycle Torque Coupling (BTC) system when I first saw them.  As a mechanical engineer I was impressed with the data Steve had collected and showed me the first time I met him at Interbike.

What I ride:

You might be surprised to find out that I do own and ride a bike that I didn’t make.  One of my trusty favorites is a Bridgestone MB-1.  I’ve ridden since before I started building, and continue to enjoy riding it.  Sure, I did ride road and MTB’s I’ve built, but I was still sad when Bridgestone pulled out of the US Market.  If nothing else, I miss their cool posters they made every year.  I’ve been meaning to collect pictures of the ones I’ve got and post them, but haven’t gotten there yet. 

I’ve also got hanging from the garage rafters, a circa 1950-ish Raleigh 3-speed.  I haven’t ridden it, but it’s all intact and needing some TLC, complete with original tool kit and front wheel generator hub.

And of course, the current stable master is a convertible tandem that can be ridden in Quad, Triplet, or Duo mode.  Here’s a shot of the family on it cruising the neighborhood.  I went with a Rohloff internal hub and picked up Da Vinci Designs Independent Drive System for the tail gunner position.  So the front positions are still connected via a traditional timing chain system.  I used S&S Couplers to plug and play from 2, 3, or 4 person mode.

For Sale:  New Old Stock or Slightly Used

Item #1:       Yakima 2003 MegaWarrior Roof Rack                     Great Condition, Used Sparingly                   $275/obo

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